The old days relived

Peter had had a very stressful day. Work was hectic at the moment and his boss did not give him a single moment for himself. He’d even been calling at home lately for some last minute assignments. Peter opened the gate, walked through the garden and entered his lovely house in the suburbs. The house could sense something was wrong and so a signal travelled through the thick walls to the kitchen and hot tea was instantly prepared.

A big pile of administration stuck out of Peters bag. It could wait. He needed to calm down, to relax. So Peter drank his tea and stepped into the lounge. His house was slightly outdated, but it had all of the latest comforts and gadgets. He plugged in the couch and the sensors started warming up. As soon as he touched the soft fabric electronic pulses were sent through the couch. He had just downloaded a whole new range of dreams and couldn’t wait to enter one.

The program picked out a rather good one today. Just what he needed. Peter was brought back to a world long forgotten by most people. There were trees, the sound of wind and a trickling of water that came off of rugged rocks. This was what the world had been like once upon a time. People had the chance to go out for a lovely walk in the midsummer sun. There was a smell of freshly cut grass and birds were competing for the position of best singer.

As the exotic surroundings formed in his mind, Peter started to relax. The dreaminator was the best purchase he had ever made. Escapism from the world where everybody new everything about each other and privacy was becoming increasingly dear. The world was racing at super speed but for Peter time seemed to stand still. It was just him and his dreams.


This post was written as part of the daily prompt: The next best thing.


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