Honestly… I’ve just started this blog, so swapping blogs and lives is not something I’m thinking of just yet. I guess looking at other blogs is taking a look into the future for me. I’d like to explore what writing, and in a way also photography, can do for me. At the moment writing is a hobby for me and, in my other blog andreaonderweg, a way to capture memories. I love to write and now I’m at the point where I’d like to explore my limits. How much can I do? And, what can I achieve in my writing?

Perhaps writing will always be a hobby I am very fond of. I’ll be writing about my naughty kids and later on about the bridge club and my knitting while I’m sitting in my rocking chair with a blanket on my lap. But just maybe writing is something I could do professionally. I’ve always been a creative one and perhaps journalism or writing for the screen is what lies in my future. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine growing as a blogger, incorporating photography and video as well. During my time in South Africa I came across 2oceansvibe. Then blogging is not only writing, but a multimedia platform. Blogging is travelling and meeting people, interviews and film. Another blogger with skills I find on WISIWIS. I like his photography of everyday scenes. I hope that one day I can bring my photography to that level. I am not looking to change places, but what other bloggers do is a source of inspiration and a look into the future.


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