What’s in a name

Andrea, brave and courageous. I have no idea why my parents called me Andrea. I think especially my dad was a fan of the name. It is not as if they looked at me and thought: “There she is, my courageous girl.” The name was there before I was.

So the question is: do I live up to the name? It’s not that easy when your name is ‘brave’. I am not a hardened bloke fighting for his country. I am not an activist chaining himself to a tanker for the rights of animals. Neither have I stood up to society to help the underprivileged.

I am brave and courageous in my own little way. I won’t move mountains or cause massive changes in this world. My mountains are just pebbles in the big picture. I am brave because I stepped into the world to explore it. I am brave because I dare to say what’s on my mind. I am courageous because I am who I want to be. I’d say I live up to my name.


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