Bruno kept pushing the ball forward with his head. It went around the sofa, underneath the chairs and the table and over the blue carpet in the hallway. Bruno kept his eyes on the ball not wanting to let it go. He rolled it all the way outside onto the grass of the freshly cut lawn. The kids were watching Bruno as he crossed the garden all the way to the dog house. With ease he went around the obstacles lying in his path; the frisbee the kids were playing with, the branches that had fallen from the tree. When he reached the white dog house with the red roof the show was over. He left the kids staring at one another.

The TV was on loud. Three beers were on the table accompanied by a bag of chips. It was the match of the year. Today the winner of the year’s competition would be revealed. “ooooooo”,the three men sigh at a missed chance. One goal is all their club needs. Then there would be a big victory party in the streets later. They were ready to go. On the screen the ball was played like a pinball, zigzagging all over the field, changing feet every second. Slowly the voice of the commentator became louder and faster. “yeah… yeah… they did it! I can’t believe it. What a beautiful goal. This was very well played. Let’s watch it again.” There were five more minutes on the clock.

The kids found their own ball to play with. It had pictures of snow white on it. “Five, four, three, two, one. I’m coming now. I’m coming!” She started to look everywhere, pushing aside branches of bushes and looking behind the garden furniture. Her brother had the biggest smile on his face. He knew she would never find it. He had hidden it in such a brilliant place. It was like it had disappeared. After 6 minutes of looking everywhere she had had enough. Her brother decided to help her. “Warmer, warmer, oooo no, cold, I’m freezing. Warm, warmer, warmer…” As she lifted up the upsides down flower pot her brother said: “Ouch, ouch, ouch, I’m burning my fingers.”


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