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The warmth of a good welcome

The road to Jindabyne is easy. It is one long road from Sydney to Canberra and then a second long road from Canberra to Jindabyne. It is easy, as long as you have a ride. Continue reading The warmth of a good welcome

Tagging me

Today’s daily prompt asks a lot of us, namely:

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

The creation of taglines is a process. A tagline is not just a sentence. It is the one sentence that should describe your being. Trust me, as a media and entertainment student I had to create quite a few. Although fun, it is also an excrusiating task that always leaves you wondering if it is not just you who gets excited.

Weaving dreams, sewing hope, knitting the future.

This would be my tagline as I am a romantic, dreaming of all the excitement the future could bring me. I am a planner, searching for options to make things work. I am worried, constantly seeking answers that only the future can bring. I am a creative soul, always in search for a new project. I like to create, from a hat to my future.

Ship out!

Hi there inner cookie monster, disposal place of everything sweet, fat and unhealthy. Let’s cut the niceties because no, I am not happy to see you again.

Wherever I met you I have long forgotten, but I can’t seem to shake you off ever since. You’re an ever present demon terrorizing my days and nights.

You fill my head with longing, my stomach with fat, my pockets with sweets and my conscience with guilt.

O inner master cookie demon, I am hereby parting with you. I’ll deny your existence until you fade to nothing more than an idea. Soon you’ll join the likes of Batman and Santa Claus. I know I believed in you once, but can barely remember what that was like.

daily prompt: Shape up or ship out!

And the winner is…

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

“And this year the award goes to…”Silence predominates the hall. The level of excitement is noticeable by the people’s nervous shuffling in their seats. “the average Joe for the innumerable achievements that millions of people make happen every day.” The words leave the host’s mouth rapidly and before he’s even finished a big round of applause sounds in harmony with exuberant cheers. Continue reading And the winner is…

I’m fine

An independent woman, that’s what I am. Call it independent or stubborn, but I will not easily accept help. I can do it myself. I don’t need anyone to pay for my dinner. I don’t need a man to lift my heavy suitcases. I don’t need any pills to help me with headaches. I don’t need anybody to stay home and watch over me when I am sick. I am a trooper, carrying on even when I should be stopping. My brain always finds a reason to go on. It is like my life will fall apart if I take a break from it. The world will stop turning if I don’t show up for work. Continue reading I’m fine

Chips for dinner, read it all!

ADELAIDE – Last Sunday evening was a brilliant one for Andrea. Around 6PM she had the joy of eating chips again for the first time in months.

Mouthwatering smells filled the kitchen as she cut the potatoes and lowered them into the boiling oil on the stove. Bubbles found its way to the surface as the potato pieces turned a darker color.

At 6.30PM everything was cooked and seasoned with chicken salt. It was served onto the brown table with plastic cover in the living room of a hostel in the CBD. “This couldn’t have worked out better” Andrea commented afterwards.

You’ve just read my response to today’s daily prompt ripped into the headline.