Dinner by the moonlight

This weeks creative writing challenge is all about the supernatural.

Those naughty biochemists have been busy again, and have accidentally released a powerful mutative toxin into the water supply by mistake. Result? People left, right, and center are transforming into the animals they most resemble (in character, or looks) by the light of the full moon. Tell us the tale of a human-animal transformation.

The date went well. They’d had a perfect dinner in one of the finest restaurants in town. They had met when he came in town for business a few weeks ago. Since then John had been coming to town for more than just business. Katie couldn’t be happier. She had never thought she’d meet a guy when she moved to this long forgotten place. Sure, she had inherited this big fancy house, but she still didn’t feel at home in this town, not until she met John.

Today was their fourth date and not just any. It happened to be the day of the full moon. Since the accident in the region’s water system had occurred, strange things had been happening. Scientists reckoned that people were changing with the light of the full moon. Everyone knew there was some truth in it, but not a word was spoken. Since the initial news reports everything was hushed up. The ever inquisitive couple knew that to find out the truth, they had to expose themselves to one another at some point. So walking out of the restaurant tonight was nerve-wracking. Neither one knew what to say as they waited for the moment.

The streets were empty as people were hiding out in their homes, afraid for what was about to happen, afraid of what they’d find the next morning. Darkness fell and the full moon stood proudly in the sky. Katie looked into John’s eyes and saw fear and pain. The process of transformation was slow and torturous. His teeth grew and his mouth stretched into a muzzle. His ears started pointing upwards and his eyes became ferocious. His smooth skin grew a spotted fur of beige and black. He looked scruffy.

Before the transformation had finished Katie also changed into the animal she had last seen before drinking the water. Whereas John was watching a documentary about Africa, the last animal Katie had seen was a squirrel. As her body shrank John’s transformation was completing. Suddenly he felt the urge to attack, like nothing he had felt before as a human. All the tiny squirrel could do was to run for the trees. The sight of the wild dog frightened her.

He started a chase, the excitement running through his body giving him an adrenalin rush. It was always a bit challenging to run on four legs in the first few minutes after transforming. His wobbly legs still managed to rush forwards. The tiny squirrel was running for her life. Just as she thought she was doomed a hole appeared in the corner of her eye. She scooted off to the right and dived into the hole. The paw of the dog came eerily close, but she was safe now. All she had to do was wait for morning to come.

Katie woke up covered in dirt. Her body was her own again, but she had no recollection of what exactly had happened that night and why she was lying outside on the grass. A few meters further she saw her date, surrounded by dead birds and blood around his hands and face. She vaguely remembered the quick heartbeat of the tiny squirrel, but all else was lost. For John it wasn’t any different. The sight of the birds frightened him more than it did Katie. Hopefully he looked at her. She shook her head. This mystery would have to wait until the next full moon.


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