The silver lining

She was only a teenager and not your average one either. Teenagers can be difficult in trying to find their way in life. Imagine a teenager with a depression that’s been going on for years. Let me tell you it ain’t pretty, especially for people close by.

Imagine a mum hearing her daughter cry night after night, not knowing what to do. She decides to come up to her room to comfort her, to help her. But the help is unwanted. Or is it? The daughter doesn’t even know, but she is screaming at the top of her lungs for her mum to go away and mind her own business.

Mum is persistent but it doesn’t make a difference. She is yelled at and called names. Defeated she backs out, hopeless and helpless. In the room the girl wants to cry ‘don’t go mum’, but at the same time she doesn’t want anyone around.

Ugly. There are some things in our lives which we would rather forget sometimes. Things we don’t like to talk about because they are ugly little memories of our past that we don’t want to admit. But remembering we must, for also those ugly bits helped in bringing us where we are now.

Over the years, the mum’s efforts pay off. Slowly she gains access to her daughter’s heart. The girl opens up more and more. Years later the girl knows she can tell her mum anything. She loves her mum more than she can put in words. The love between a mum and a daughter says more than the words ‘I’m sorry’.

Written as part of the daily prompt Silver Linings.


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