Bush bums

It is spring but the temperature is perfect. There is a long road ahead of us, going through rugged terrain that is not for the fainthearted. I feel comfortable behind the wheel of this old school 4×4. Just to be sure I had a training which went through all the ins and outs of driving in the bush. Better not leave anything to chance and check the car one more time. We are ready.

The car is packed with camping gear and the cherry on the pie is the tent on the roof. I feel like Indiana Jones but just don’t have the matching outfit. It is the end of the dry season and the wet is nearing. Before that, me and some friends are going to cross the Kimberley. We’ll drive from the north of Western Australia all the way to the Nullarbor in the South.

For days we drive over dirt roads, not seeing too many others, and we feel like we are in the real Australia. After a long day of driving we set up camp and eat kangaroo and beef on the barbie. We pass many national parks and enjoy walking, fishing and swimming. Slowly the outdoorsy life switches to beach life as we near the ocean.

Dolphins are welcoming us on the surface, but also underneath the water there is a wild marine life to be explored. We meet more and more people as we make our way to Perth. Slowly I am entering the familiar Australia which is more within my comfort zone. One more road leads us into the outback before we head back to civilization. In Perth we go a little crazy.

Via the wine regions and the surfer’s world we drive to the bottom of the country and take a turn to the left for our last challenge: the Nullarbor plain. It seems like we can see all the way to South Australia and the difference with the north is striking. When we finally park in one of South Australia’s bigger towns we look back at a great adventure.

It was challenging, exciting, exhausting, fun and a once in a lifetime experience. It is over and now I’ve only got my 4000 photos and my memories left. Yeah, as if… let’s first start saving a few thousand bucks. Any donations are welcome.

Written as part of the daily prompt Tourist Trap.


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