Cream de la cream

You love doing the A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words challenges, and we love reading your interpretations! Let’s have another go.

This week, tell us a story based on this photo:
Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

He’s in the zone again. Working with food always makes him forget about everything else. As a growing man James White became fascinated with food while travelling around the world. The flavors and smells of the world captivated him and never let him go. Now, at 54, preparing food still cast a spell on him and he had no intention of letting it go. In his kitchen the world seemed to disappear. All that mattered was the produce; the meat, the delicate fresh peaches. One has to be focused, embrace the textures, the colors and the smells. Isn’t that what he always told his pupils?

Marie knew all about what James White told his pupils. She’d been hearing it for years now. At a young age she started working at the restaurant, starting as a waitress and later on working her way up in the kitchen. She still had a lot to learn. But when Marie was in the kitchen, the kitchen seemed to disappear. Her head was always in the clouds, dreaming about the bands she had seen over the weekend and wondering what it would be like to be a rock star. When she came home she preferred putting a pizza in the oven for dinner.

James White wasn’t a bad man. He was just a man of passion and when it came to his passion, no mistakes were allowed. He was some kind of rock star in his own way. Everything had to be just perfect, from the ingredients that went into the soup to the chopped nuts that decorated the desserts. So when he caught Marie mixing the sour cream in with the green mass in the pot, instead of the thick cream, all hell broke loose. Marie snapped out of her daydream as James seized the cream and stared at her in disbelief. His puzzled look showed confusion, disappointment and helplessness. Marie sighed and thought for the umpteenth time: “Why can’t he just be someone else’s dad?”


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