It’ll never rain

Over the years I’ve learned never to say never, although I hear the word escaping from my mouth a bit too often. Never is a word that puts a stop to the fun. It cuts off a conversation. It limits possibilities. But never is not forever, otherwise I’d never have discovered the magic of scuba diving. Luckily we people change, grow and adapt our perspective. So take this piece lightly as I will talk about what never to talk about.

I’ll never write about the subjects of small talk. Say, the weather. The weather is an interesting phenomenon that every person on this earth can be obsessed by. The holiday maker is worried if he will get enough sun, the farmer is worried if he will get enough rain, people in the streets are worried the weather isn’t changing enough and they will run out of conversation soon. You can only say ‘well… looks like that rain is never going to stop’ so often.

For me the weather is just there. It is a tool to describe circumstances in fiction and to paint a picture of an adventure you’ve had. But that is all it is, not a subject on its own. Let me just finish by saying the weather sucks here at the moment. It is so cold the hairs on my arms are in a permanent upright position, like they are reaching for the little bit of sun. And that’s all folks. The subject has been covered. I will never write about the weather again. It’ll never rain on this blog.

This post was written as part of the daily prompt never.


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