chronology of the heart

butterflyWho ever said life was easy? It certainly isn’t looking at history. After a happy childhood, ignorance is bliss, Andrea went through a rough patch in her teens. Things went from bad to worse as depression moved in on her while hormones where raging. Colors started to fade as the energy was sucked out of her. There seemed to be a never ending hole, a vicious circle, that couldn’t be escaped.

There was no lack of a social life in that decade, but the quality was considerably lower than that of the average teen. Instead of partying, meeting heaps of new people and enjoying the last bits of childhood, she was dealing with the questions of life. Why life? She kept to herself, not sharing her feelings and struggling with her emotions and the expectations that came with her bright mind. People around seemed oblivious to the hurt little introvert girl, working hard, but not putting herself in the spotlight. It was written off as shy.

In the late teens and early twenties life changed; university, living on your own, slowly shaping the future. As she went through the motions of life her heart was barely in it. Sad emotions had taken over. There were highs, extreme highs, but the frequency of the lows cast a dark shadow over them. Even now she could make her own choices it didn’t seem to have any effect on the way she felt. While her life looked great from the outside, the inside told a different story.

It is hard to tell how things turned around. The dark clouds had moved in ever so sudden in her early teens and now in her twenties little bits of sun started peeking through. Slowly they pushed away the masses of water until the sky looked blue like a bright summers day. No life is free of darkness, and the feeling that it can all come back in no time, without a warning, still brings a sort of wariness to the girl. Lately people have heard her saying she is truly happy and it shows.

For Andrea, not only wisdom seems to come with age, but also happiness. Doing what she does best, travelling, she radiates life and seems to have finally found a reason to keep going. At the speed she’s going now, things are looking up and I am curious to see what else life throws at her. Brightly colored, full of adventure, emotional and diverse, life is definitely balancing on the good side of the scale. With still room left for improvements, it will be exciting to see this one develop. If this is the twenties than I can’t wait till the thirties.

Today’s daily prompt asked to write a review of your life.


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