Enter at own risk

Ideally we want to keep strangers out of our life and moderate the information we give to those we know. With the coming of the digital days this idea needs to be adapted. I remember growing up as a child and not having a computer. But becoming a teenager, I grew up together with the personal computer. Now it is an item I carry all over the world and I honestly cannot live without.

With the coming of every new electronic invention come rules and regulations for privacy. I remember infomercials about using your debit card saying: “You can know everything about me, except my pin code”. Now it seems we are worried about much more than our pin code. Every move we make online is registered somewhere on this planet. Digital zeros and ones race across the world in super speed. Even Jules Verne did not see this one coming.

To be totally in control of your privacy and not giving any information to the outside world would be limiting yourself in a great way. Basically you could not use the internet. For me the benefits outweigh the issue of privacy by far. If a marketing company, or many of them, wants to track my digital moves like a digital detective then let them. It could even work in my advantage as they get more accurate information and can make me more useful offers. I believe that especially with the future technological advancements the databases that are made now can be of great use.

I don’t like the idea of being watched all the time, but as long as it is some sort of hidden part of life, I can deal with it. Somehow, my browsing habits seem more impersonal than the activities I carry out every day. Of course I use some form of managing information and security in the digital world. There are still a few areas that are private to me. I am not one to hand out passwords or personal information like addresses. For the most part my Facebook information is for the eyes of my friends only. Herewith I try to keep off individuals who might misuse my information.

Growing up in the digital age I realize I cannot hide from everything. Google your own name and you are bound to find something that you didn’t expect. Even if you are very careful yourself, you still don’t know what others put online about you. Digitalization has brought us more good than bad in my opinion. I try to control the personal information I share as best as I can. At the same time I realize that the internet is a series of databases, gathering information about me I am not even aware of. Want to dig into my life? I warn you; entry is at your own risk.


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