Above the normal

The Dutch have a few sayings about normality. ‘Just be normal’ and ‘Act normal/plain, that’s crazy enough’. I guess we don’t like over the top people, but mostly in the sense of acting uppity, pretending to be better than anyone else. The message is just to be yourself and that’s fine. No need to be anybody else.

To me normal is also plain, average and boring. Normal is doing precisely what people expect you to do. Normal is being predictable. So no, being normal is not a good thing in my eyes. But then, if this would make you happy, by all means go for it. Personally I am not normal at all. I make my own choices and am aware that I do things differently . Call me strange. I’m weird and I like it.

But honestly, I don’t think normal people exist. We all have our little oddities, secretly or not. Instead of striving for being perceived as normal, isn’t it better to achieve happiness by accepting your abnormalities? I don’t think you necessarily need to be as other people want you to be. It is far better to be different and be fine with that. Carry your abnormalities with pride and know that everybody who judges you, has some secret little oddities themselves.

Want to get some inspiration for your own writing? This post was inspired by the daily prompt: the normal.


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