And the winner is…

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

“And this year the award goes to…”Silence predominates the hall. The level of excitement is noticeable by the people’s nervous shuffling in their seats. “the average Joe for the innumerable achievements that millions of people make happen every day.” The words leave the host’s mouth rapidly and before he’s even finished a big round of applause sounds in harmony with exuberant cheers.

The camera pans over the crowd that is standing now. Three carefully selected people rise out of their seats to walk to the immense podium. This time it is not a president or boss of a multimilion dollar company that ascends the steps. Two men in their best suits, probably bought for the occasion, and a woman in a fine, but ordinary dress, approach the host.

Betty from the USA is a mother of seven. Besides keeping the household going she volunteers at the local home for the elderly by playing bridge or bingo. With a smile on her face she marches in every weekend and Thursday evening, often with some of her offspring in tow.

François is a young man from the French countryside. François is well known for always greeting everyone he sees on the streets. Never is he too tired or sulky to make conversation on his way to work or the shops.  Only in his twenties he is the provider of many laughs and happy faces.

Koigi is a man from a city in Kenya. As a widowed man he balances his life between work and family every day. His daughter had problems at school and Koigi spent time with her every day to improve her knowledge, instead of working on his book, the hobby he cherishes so much.

“Many things make the world turn. Life is life because millions of people give their very best on a daily basis to provide laughter, food or a helping hand. Without the average Joe life wouldn’t be life.” The three are standing beside the host now. “With pride I present this award to Koigi, Betty and François, representing the average Joe. Congratulations!”


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