A very hot day indeed

Outside the leaves are slowly falling from the trees. The ground is covered in red, orange and yellow. The wind is playing, scooping up leaves and twirling them through the air. Then the clouds move in and a gentle rain puts an end to playtime. I see all this from behind the window. It is cold out, so I decided to spend the afternoon inside.

The heater is on and fills the room with a dry warmth. Even though I am wearing a big sweater in which I can hide away from the world, I am covered by a blanket as well. My feet are wrapped in fluffy colorful socks, which are again wrapped in by the blanket.

I free one hand from the blanket and reach for my favorite mug. It is orange with little owls on it and is filled to the brim with hot chocolate, a big dot of whipped cream on the top. I am content watching a movie. After I’ve put my mug back on the table I cuddle up to my boyfriend again. The rain comes down pouring as, on the television, the character of Tom Hanks looks around the airport.

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