Tagging me

Today’s daily prompt asks a lot of us, namely:

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

The creation of taglines is a process. A tagline is not just a sentence. It is the one sentence that should describe your being. Trust me, as a media and entertainment student I had to create quite a few. Although fun, it is also an excrusiating task that always leaves you wondering if it is not just you who gets excited.

Weaving dreams, sewing hope, knitting the future.

This would be my tagline as I am a romantic, dreaming of all the excitement the future could bring me. I am a planner, searching for options to make things work. I am worried, constantly seeking answers that only the future can bring. I am a creative soul, always in search for a new project. I like to create, from a hat to my future.


15 thoughts on “Tagging me

  1. Very well written and short – good one! I was a little late in adding my two cents to this topic – but had to finally jump in. Cheers!

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