A home to dream of

What is my dream home you ask?

Ever since I was a kid I loved the house of Pipi Longstocking. It might have something to do with the fact that there is a horse on the veranda, but generally the big wooden house really appeals to me. I can just see myself binding the brushes under my feet and skating through the house to scrub the floors.

I’d like a quirky old house. It is hard to imagine because I won’t be building it from scratch. I’d like to find an old place and completely renovate it. The house shall have all the modern conveniences but with a warm feel to it and the character of a house that’s been around forever.

Inside it will have a big kitchen with a huge stove and double oven. There will be a bar with stools and a big rack for herbs and spices. The walls are decorated with the art I’ve collected from all over the world and each room will have its own feel. Bright colours make the rooms come alive.

Yeah, dream on. For now I live in whatever I can find and whatever is on my path. One day I will have my house. A quirky house for a quirky person.


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