Sensing the difference

As I enter the market all these new impressions make their way into my brain, which is processing information at super speed. I am trying to use all my senses and soak it all in. Nothing is like at home. Everything is new.

My nose picks up exotic smells of food. All kinds of fish are being cooked on barbecues and the smoke makes it way towards my nostrils. Sales people are shouting things at me , but I am too overwhelmed to respond. Knives are chopping. Food is sizzling on the grills. In the background I hear the animated chatting of the people enjoying their dinner.

I walk around and see fruits I’ve never seen before spread out on stalls. I have to duck so I won’t hit my head and I am careful not to step into a puddle at the same time. The market is at the waterfront and in the background the sun is ducking behind the islands in the distance, leaving only a red glow in the sky.

After smelling and seeing all the delicious options I make my taste buds part of the experience. I eat chicken satay, bami goreng and a mix of different sea weeds. I put my bum onto one of the plastic chairs at the long tables and wait for my freshly cooked food to arrive. This is the life. Watching people go about their daily routine and somehow becoming a part of it all.


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