In the mode

The first time you meet your group is always a bit nerve-wracking. How is everyone going to interact? Are there any interesting people or will you be the loner of the group? When you join a group trip you usually meet like-minded people. People who want to have fun and share their travel experiences with others.

During the first few hours of the trip everyone is quiet, waiting for other people to initiate the fun. Slowly a group spirit grows and you start to bond with your fellow travellers. After a few intense days with each other you feel like you’ve known everybody forever. Shame disappears and a mutual understanding grows.

Then even later on the group starts to show signs of annoyance. Little things others do start to irritate you. All of a sudden you are in need of more space. Although the party period was fun, it is good to take some time away from the crowd. Sometimes escaping in a good book will bring up your spirits, so that the next time, you can be back in party mode.


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