Once upon a time

Visit the brand new eye-opening exhibition Twenty-thirteen. Twenty-thirteen brings you back in time 100 years and lets you experience the everyday life of millions of people.

This was a time where people followed each other’s every move. As soon as something happened, the word would be spread on an intricate network designed to connect people. Not a single photo of a beautiful lunch went to waste. Take a look at the personal computer, a big step towards the wealth of technology we know now. Try talking to your friends on a so-called smart phone, an item carried around all over the world.

Why not join us in the theatre for old-fashioned 2D experience of watching pop idol, a show in which talent was meant to be discovered to keep the population entertained. Or take a ride in our simulator to experience what it was like to drive a car. In our digital photo studio you can dress up in the fashion of thirteen.

The options are endless. Do drop by and find yourself in a world unknown and like no other. This interactive experience is suited for the whole family. Don’t miss out. Tune in and visit. Like they said in twenty-thirteen: we are looking forward to welcoming you.

This is written as part of the daily prompt: from the collection of the artist.


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