Bring on the books

After studying for several years I decided to go travelling. It was something I’ve always known I’d do, but wasn’t ready for after secondary school. So my parents spent thousands on my education and now I am not even using it. If I ever want to get back in business I’ll have to pick up another book.

And I want to. I want to learn some more. There is just so much I want to learn about. I have a bachelor in media and entertainment management and I am sure I would enjoy working in that industry. I am interested in a lot more than one aspect of it though. I’d like to work in film or television, but would also enjoy learning more about photography or events.

Besides that, I am considering a master degree in journalism. Ideally I’d combine journalism with film or television. But then there is always that other interest in the background; tourism. I’ve enjoyed working in tourism and could see myself working in this sector in the future as well. Oh, the options…

The only thing I know is that I am not done travelling yet. For now, education can wait. It might not be the best thing for my CV. Experience taught me that most people don’t like a resume that shows several interests. Or maybe I’ve been applying to the wrong companies. Anyway, If there is one thing my resume will show, it’s that I’m enjoying life and I am not about to give that up.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Back to School


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