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Note on humor

I love a good laugh. I like to think I am funny, but can one really say that about oneself? I know my humor is a bit odd and only too many people do not get it. When I am being serious people think I am joking. When I am being sarcastic people take me seriously. Imagine trying bitching about someone and they only hear a compliment. Happens only too often. At least it saves me some arguments. I’ll just chuckle behind their backs. Humor, isn’t it a funny thing.

Milli and the honey pool

Milli was getting a bit bored and restless. She was only young, but already felt like something was missing in her life. All her friends were always busy. Johnny had to go to baseball practise. Mary was going to gymnastics. Poppy was on her way to the crafts club. Why couldn’t Milli be in a club like all the other kids? But mum’s decision was final, no clubs for Milli.

So on that particular afternoon in May, Milli sat down in the old playground. It was deserted and although the sun was shining, there was a whistling wind. “Can you be my friend mister cricket?” Milli asked the solid creature on the playground. She closed her eyes and let a sigh escape from her mouth. Suddenly the wind became stronger and created a piercing sound that made Milli open her eyes.

At first she couldn’t believe it and rubbed her little fingers through her eyes. Was the cricket moving? But then she heard him: “Of course! I’m always looking for new friends. Do you want to meet the others?” The voice of the cricket was tiny as a mouse, but very clear indeed.

Milli’s eyes were twinkling as she hopped on the back of a pretty white horse. They gallopped through the woods until they ended up in a magical place filled with honey. “ooo my favourite.” said the big yellow bear as he put his face into a honey pool. All the others jumped in and feasted on the sweetness. Milli was perplexed. She didn’t know quite what to do.

But Milli didn’t have much time to think. The giraffe suddenly scooped her up high into the air and before she knew it she came sliding down into the honey pool over the giraffe’s long neck. They were singing and dancing and splashing water all over each other. They were having so much fun.

Then the orange tiger heard something. “Is that your mum calling Milli?” Milli listened and started nodding her head. “Oh oh, time to go.” the tiger managed to say. “Bye MIlli, lovely to meet you.” said the cricket. And then Milli saw her mum coming towards the playground. She blinked her eyes a few times, but they were gone. “Mum, mum, you never guessed what happened!” Milli said. But mum didn’t have time. “Come on Milli. It’s time for dinner.”

Add travelling to the equation

Currently I am travelling and I am perfectly happy doing this. I planned to do this after the terrible experience of high school, but that never happened. Instead of wasting time before going serious and picking up a uni degree I decided to waste my uni degree and go travelling. Meanwhile my degree and all the information in my head is gathering an ever growing layer of dust.

In retrospect I see that I wasn’t ready to go travelling at 18. Sure, I would have had a good time, but it just wouldn’t be the same. I think I can enjoy myself much more now that I’m that little bit older. I appreciate every moment and am way more confident in decisions I make. So I am taking my degree around the world and who knows, I might end up using it.

Unlike most people uni wasn’t one of the best times of my life. It was alright, but not as great as some people would describe it. I Always got frustrated by people who were just wasting my time or not giving it their best. Lazy people who have no clue about anyting. There were so many moments where I just wanted to bang my head against a wall. Any wall available.

And yet every now and then it starts to itch. I want to learn more. I want to go back. Back to uni for a masters degree or maybe a different bachelor. But that would just be silly. I am not nearly done travelling and working seasonal jobs. The world is calling out to me. Studying now would only mean more diplomas to gather dust. When it is time to grow up for real I will think about it.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: fifteen credits

The alternative life

I am sitting at my desk, behind my computer. This is what I do all day. I stare at a screen. I have a steady job, 9 to 5. Hasslefree. No overtime, just regular days. I type and I stare. In the morning I get up, have breakfast and walk the dog. Then I drive my car down the streets with the grey houses. They all look the same. I own one of the characterless boxes.

To escape my boring daily routine I go crazy in the night time. I dress up in my sluttiest dress and go on a man hunt. Often I drink until I can’t possibly add another drop. I’ll pass out on the couch. I am surrounded by strange objects but am not sure where they came from, or when I took them out, or if they’re even mine. I feel like shit but it doesn’t matter. I don’t remember a thing about last night. So I take some painkillers and go back to my job.

This post is inspired by the dailly prompt: The full moon

It can wait

Lately there have been a lot of things I’ve been putting off. I’ll find an excuse for everything and tell myself I’ll do it later. The excuse of the moment: I’m too tired. And I am. Tired that is. All these mornings getting up at 6.15. The long days full of excitement and hard work. It is breaking me up.

But in this state of negativity I’ve been putting off things I actually like. It seems like I even have to convince myself to go out for a ski. Once I’m out there I love it, but actually putting on the boots seems like too much effort. Now am I tired or just plain lazy?

Another thing I tend to avoid these days is making decisions. The biggest one being; what will I do after this ski season? After procrastinating for weeks I finally realised that I have to start making plans. So I’m doing my research and my plans are coming together. The result is satisfying and exciting. Next time I get the chance, I am taking the effort of putting on my ski boots.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Procrastination

Weekly writing challenge: fit to write

I just cleaned the whole house. It was a proper clean. I didn’t just give the toilet a quick scrub and vacuumed the floor. It was about time for a more thorough sweep. So I turned up the volume of my computer, playing a random mix of songs I haven’t heard in a while. I was still wearing my old pyjamas, the pants hanging halfway down my bum. And there I was scrubbing the walls and mopping the floor.

It’s midday and the house is clean, a big pot of soup rests on the stove, three loads of washing are done and the aroma of cake and cleaning products fills the rooms. I still have half a day ahead of me in which I have to do absolutely nothing. I feel totally satisfied. A clean and organised house makes a clean and organised mind. Sometimes health just means a day off in which you can do all those things you don’t have time for and realising that you still have half a day left to do absolutely nothing.

Life in a fingerprint

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

I hate it when people are trying to interfere in my life. Yet again I find myself in the situation where someone feels the need to enlighten me about myself and who I am. This time they don’t claim to know how I feel though. Instead the lady next to me is grabbing my hand and starts staring at it intensely, twisting my hand occasionally to get a better view.

A few hmmm’s and aaah’s escape her mouth. Apparently I have a great future ahead of me. I need to think about my path and follow my heart. My strong lifeline shows great potential. If only I’d listen to my body. It turns out to be out of sorts. If I don’t make changes now, my body will rebel and inevitably it will drag me down. If I do make the changes my body and mind have been longing for I will lead a rich life.

When the lady is about to continue and tell me all about my potential I stop her. I’ve heard enough. I don’t want to go into this. My future is mine and mine only. I am perfectly happy leading the life I have now. With a lame excuse I put my headphones back on. Enough with the silliness. I am on my way to the rest of my life.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Life line

How should I say this…

I am always in favour of not hurting people unnecessarily. I don’t like violence, including verbal violence. But isn’t it time we grow some backbone? Sometimes words are made into a bad thing while many people don’t even mean to offend anyone with them. Often this concerns personal things like race, looks or sexual preference.

In my country we have a delicious snack called ‘negerzoen’. literally translated ‘neger’ means black man and ‘zoen’ means kiss. It is a heavenly white, airy foam covered with a thin layer of chocolate. Nowadays though we are not allowed to call them this because it wouldn’t be politically correct. Really? If anything the name is a compliment. I mean, if a black man’s kisses are that good, bring it on!

Have we really become such sensitive and self-conscious people that we cannot take this anymore? Have we really gone that far that we assume everything others say is meant in a bad way? Personally I am a very direct person and if I ever offend anyone by being that way, I apologize. I just say things as the are, often without a disguise. This does not make me an evil or mean person. It is just the way I describe the world. I think sometimes we just create issues that aren’t an issue to anyone else. We just go too far.

Sweetness in the air

Every morning when I rode my bicycle to school it was about that time. The baker had done all his preparations and the good stuff went into the oven, releasing that heavenly smell. It was so strong it would penetrate the walls, traveling through the air straight to my nostrils. It was so strong that you needed a strong stomach in the early hours, but nothing can beat the smell of freshly baked goods.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: Smell you later

Hasty decisions

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

I am walking home from work when I see something lying on the ground. I’ve had an absolutely horrible day and strangely this paper makes me curious. As I pick it up I notice it’s an envelope. It is not addressed to anyone though. All it contains is a train ticket with today’s date. In the spur of the moment I decide to run. I am going to make this train and it is going to take me to happiness or at least a change of scenery.

I run through the streets which are crowded since it’s rush hour and push myself through the masses of people. Luckily I know where the train station is. It isn’t far from here. Arrived at the station I have trouble finding the right platform. I am running out of time. I push people aside, getting anxious now. It is like this train represents everything. Whether or not I make this train is going to influence my future big time.

My laptop bag is hanging from my shoulder, bumping on and off my bum. I put in some effort for a final sprint and hop on the train just before the doors close. It takes a while before I find the right carriage and find that my seat is indeed empty. I sit down and take a breather. Then I look at my ticket. The train is only going to the next city.

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