Drama is her thing. Not in real life, but on the stage. When she is on stage the world stops and stares. She knows how to crawl into a character and make it come to life. It is her only passion, the one she wants to follow. She’d give up anything for a real career.

Unfortunately, drama didn’t stay on stage. She is an emotional being who reads people well and can’t stay untouched. Whenever she crosses somebody with pain, she can’t help wanting to help.

When her best friend ended up in a horrible relationship it all got too much for her. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Hearing her friend’s stories she felt the pain and fell into a depression. There was so much love in her life and she tried her hardest to share it with her friend.

It took time, but things were looking up. Through intense work she managed to control her emotions and see them for what they are. Yet it were these same emotions that made her plays come to life.

It was through perseverance that she finally managed to find the balance. Her hard work paid off. Eventually she found her way to the stage, with her friend sitting in the front row.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: pat on the back.


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