Up for debate

The show host is sitting behind a desk filled with papers. She lifts up her head and focusses on the camera.

Australia is currently dealing with shiploads of asylum seekers. Literally shiploads because these people arrive in dodgy boats that are stuffed to the brim with people. It is a small business for the shippers, who ask money to put people on these dangerous boats. The government has now put a controversial plan into action to try to stop the boats from coming. Every asylum seeker that arrives in Australia by boat will be moved to Papua New Guinea. Nobody will stay in Australia. Is this a plan that will work? Or are we playing with lives? Let’s ask the audience.

In the audience hands shoot up into the air and the host points to indicate who can start.

I think this is inhumane. These people flee from a country where they were going through hell, hop on a boat no straight thinking person would ever touch, survive a long journey cramped in a small space and we dare to send them away. I totally disagree with this policy and I am ashamed for our country.

Mary, with all due respect, this is absolute nonsense. These people are given a place where they can build a new existence for themselves. They get to start over in a safe place with prospects for the future. It might not be in Australia, but why would that be an issue?

Several hands shoot into the air.

(while pointing towards a member of the audience)

I feel like we just don’t want to deal with these people and the easiest thing to do is ship them off to elsewhere. We can’t just ignore the problems in the world. I think we should deal with this issue ourselves.

But we are dealing with it. The idea of living in Australia is so attractive to people that they are willing to risk their lives for it. We need to try and stop this before more people loose their lives. Making it more attractive by giving them everything on a silver platter is going to blow up the problem to even bigger proportions. This is a good initiative. The people arriving here will still be treated in a good manner, but the bonus of staying in our country is taken away. Now people will think twice before jumping on a broken boat. Whether or not it works only time can tell, but we have to try something and for me this is a good solution.

Obviously the opinions are divided on this issue. This is one to be continued. After the break we’ll have a new topic to explore and we’ll have a look at what our viewers think. Stay in touch and let us know what you think. Log on to facebook, twitter or send us a message. We’ll be right back.



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