I am all sorts of things

I was very proud when I walked up to my teacher to give him the little notebook. It was my latest novel. I wrote about a girl moving to a different place, even though I knew nothing about moving. I wrote several chapters and made drawings to go with them. I even designed a book cover. My teacher added some comments and said I would be a writer some day.

When I wasn’t writing I was designing things. I loved taping lots of paper together and drawing the layout for campsites, gardens and interiors. Or I would build things with my Lego collection. When I would grow up I would become an architect. Or was it a baker? I really wanted to be a baker in a cake shop.

I didn’t become an architect. I didn’t become a baker. I didn’t become a professional writer. But I still like all these things. I like being creative and that’s why I studied media and entertainment. So far I haven’t worked in this branch yet. I am having too much fun working the odd job abroad and seeing bits and pieces of this beautiful world. Why would we have to stick to one job anyway?

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: ballerina, fireman, astronaut, movie star


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