How should I say this…

I am always in favour of not hurting people unnecessarily. I don’t like violence, including verbal violence. But isn’t it time we grow some backbone? Sometimes words are made into a bad thing while many people don’t even mean to offend anyone with them. Often this concerns personal things like race, looks or sexual preference.

In my country we have a delicious snack called ‘negerzoen’. literally translated ‘neger’ means black man and ‘zoen’ means kiss. It is a heavenly white, airy foam covered with a thin layer of chocolate. Nowadays though we are not allowed to call them this because it wouldn’t be politically correct. Really? If anything the name is a compliment. I mean, if a black man’s kisses are that good, bring it on!

Have we really become such sensitive and self-conscious people that we cannot take this anymore? Have we really gone that far that we assume everything others say is meant in a bad way? Personally I am a very direct person and if I ever offend anyone by being that way, I apologize. I just say things as the are, often without a disguise. This does not make me an evil or mean person. It is just the way I describe the world. I think sometimes we just create issues that aren’t an issue to anyone else. We just go too far.


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