Weekly writing challenge: fit to write

I just cleaned the whole house. It was a proper clean. I didn’t just give the toilet a quick scrub and vacuumed the floor. It was about time for a more thorough sweep. So I turned up the volume of my computer, playing a random mix of songs I haven’t heard in a while. I was still wearing my old pyjamas, the pants hanging halfway down my bum. And there I was scrubbing the walls and mopping the floor.

It’s midday and the house is clean, a big pot of soup rests on the stove, three loads of washing are done and the aroma of cake and cleaning products fills the rooms. I still have half a day ahead of me in which I have to do absolutely nothing. I feel totally satisfied. A clean and organised house makes a clean and organised mind. Sometimes health just means a day off in which you can do all those things you don’t have time for and realising that you still have half a day left to do absolutely nothing.


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