The alternative life

I am sitting at my desk, behind my computer. This is what I do all day. I stare at a screen. I have a steady job, 9 to 5. Hasslefree. No overtime, just regular days. I type and I stare. In the morning I get up, have breakfast and walk the dog. Then I drive my car down the streets with the grey houses. They all look the same. I own one of the characterless boxes.

To escape my boring daily routine I go crazy in the night time. I dress up in my sluttiest dress and go on a man hunt. Often I drink until I can’t possibly add another drop. I’ll pass out on the couch. I am surrounded by strange objects but am not sure where they came from, or when I took them out, or if they’re even mine. I feel like shit but it doesn’t matter. I don’t remember a thing about last night. So I take some painkillers and go back to my job.

This post is inspired by the dailly prompt: The full moon


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