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Cool. That’s what my dad said. Cool! Are you jibbers? I poofed him: “Are you ancient or something? Who still says that?” But my dad’s a bit of a greycel. Can’t keep up with things, that’s it. His house hasn’t even had an upgrade yet. His house is not linked to ICH. It’s only the gadget of the century! I actually have to reach for my mobile to get hold of him. I keep telling him to get it. I would only be a blab away from him. But he says it’s a new way for the government to spy on us. Mind-blowing the way this man thinks. Anyway, I’ve gotta fly, my EBF is criffing me.

The future is inspired by the daily prompt: 2100

Happy family

“My brother and I have always had a difficult relationship. He was the golden boy, the one who would do great things in life. I… I was the boy with the strange haircut. I still don’t understand why my parents did that to me. Was it just one more way to say I was the lesser of the children? I…”
“Sorry, but what is this about a haircut?
A wallet was pulled out of a pocket. Inside was a faded photograph of a little boy that looked more like a girl, a cheerful smile on his face that showed a few teeth missing.
“Aaah, I’m sorry man.”

“As a teenager he got to go out with the prettiest girls. I was forced to take the girl next door. She had two chins and greasy hair. On our date she tried to stick her tongue into my mouth. I could feel my nose disappearing into her fat cheeks. The next day I was listening to my brother brag, while I was trying to convince my parents she and I could never work.”
“So you had a bad childhood. You’re doing great now. Why all that anger?”

“My brother was the first one to move out of my parents’ house. He studied, got a big shot job and moved into a grand house. After sleeping around for a while he married and got three children, a boy and two girls. Every time he came around my parents’ place he just had to rub it in. I was the loser. I couldn’t get on track.”

“Then there was this one day. I was depressed. My new girlfriend had dumped me and I was just walking around town in circles thinking what I’d done wrong now. Then my eye caught this window. It had a poster in it from the lottery. In an act of desperation I bought a few tickets and prayed to whatever god would listen. I didn’t give it much tought afterwards. I’d forgotten all about it when the news said the jackpot had been hit. Someone was stupid enough not to come and pick it up. So I found my tickets. I almost just threw them out. It couldn’t be me. There must be thousands of people who didn’t check the draw. And there it was. There were the numbers. The same numbers I had on my little piece of paper.”
“No way. You’re kidding right? That shit doesn’t happen!”
“Apparently it does! So the next week I go to my dickhead brother in my fancy new car to show him the photos of the property I bought. I thought ‘that’ll shut him up once and for all’. Maybe for once he could be happy for me and congratulate me. Well that was stupid of me to think. The bastard!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Henson, but I don’t understand what the problem is. It seems you’ve finally got ahead of him.”
“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Non sequitur

Attention please

Ever since I found out I was good at it I loved public speaking. It started in my childhood when I could capture my audience with an hour-long presentation about Walt Disney or Venice. As topics in school and uni became more difficult, the tension grew. I loved that feeling of nerves going through your body before you enter your stage. Bring it on!

Later I started doing a bit of theatre and started working for companies doing entertainment on campsites. I loved crawling into someone else’s skin and walking around acting like a retard. Or climbing on a stage to host a show. So even now, when others are getting uncomfortable talking to a big amount of people, I go for it.

I’ve always been a very shy person. Although I have learned a lot and got over some fears I am still shy. It’s funny, put me on a stage in front of a crowd and I’ll give you a performance, but put me in a room full of people and I shut down completely. I love the spotlights, as long as I have a cause.

  1. This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Naked with black socks.

Making sense of senses

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

I’ve always had bad eye sight. As a kid I used to miss the ball when playing badminton. I generally used to miss things. My parents must have thought I was crazy until they discovered I had one really bad eye which made it difficult for me to see depth. So I’ve always wondered if you see the world differently from the way I see it.

Even though my sight is not perfect I wouldn’t want to give it up. I can live with a slight malfunction in my senses, but losing one completely? It’s like you’re asking me if I’d rather never listen to music anymore, never feel my boyfriend’s touch, never smell my freshly baked pies, never see a movie again, or never ever taste favourite food.

I’d like taste to be my super-sensitive sense. I imagine I can taste every little ingredient in food. I would make the best recipes even better with my oversensitive taste buds. With every bite I take my tongue would do a small happy dance and send fire crackers to my brain. All I’d need to do is avoid the things I don’t like to eat.

But what would I give up? What would the most brilliant food be when you cannot smell it? When you cannot feel the structure of it in your mouth? When you cannot see the beautiful plate in front of you? When you have to eat it in total silence? I think I’ll settle for what I’ve got now. Maybe the grass isn’t much greener on the other side.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Super Sensitive

Seeking adventure

We were in the middle of nowhere. It seemed fun when we were in the city. We just took a random map and dropped a coin on it. “That’s where we will go.” Marco said, “Shallow creek forest!” We had to fly to some long forgotten tiny airport and drove our cheap rental car to the national park. The road led deeper and deeper into nothingness. First through the fields and Farmland, then over plains of grass, until the forest grew denser and denser.

Had we really prepared for this trip? No. It was an adventure. We had a sense of ‘we will see what happens’ and ‘what kind of adventure is it if you know everything beforehand’. So we just had our cheap car filled with tents, gear, some water and some food. There were five of us and it was a bit crowded in the car. We were squished together with the gear in our laps. Daniella was getting irritated: “Are we there yet?”

Not wanting everyone to start complaining I hit the gas pedal a bit harder. The car flew forwards and caused an excited yelling and howling from my passengers. A while ago the road had turned into a bumpy track. Unfortunately I didn’t see the rock coming. With a loud bang the car stopped. We were all fine, but the rock was stuck underneath the car and had wrecked most it.

“Well this is an adventure!” Marco managed to scream. We didn’t think much of it. Surely someone would come by and help us out. So we walked for a little while, following the sound of water, until we found a spot to put up our tents. There was a perfect little patch right along the river.

“Cool! We’ll have water. We can go for a swim, cook with it. It’s perfect!” according to Ruby. And she excitedly kicked off her shoes and ran into the water to prove her point. So we set up camp and for the first few days we had a blast. Ryan even managed to catch some fish which we baked on our fire.

It was on our fifth night that our adventure started to turn around. I heard something in the middle of the night. Someone was there. Someone was in our camp. I didn’t know what to do so I woke up Ryan and Marco. Marco, tough guy as he was, decided to go out and have a look. Torch in his hand it didn’t take him long to find out who had intruded in our camp.

All we heard was his scream and his footsteps running away. Then there was a growl. Soon we were all outside our tents, even the girls. We only just saw the direction Marco was going in. It wasn’t him we saw though. It was a giant bear who had been feasting on our food. The last we saw of Marco was a hand reaching for a tree.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: Bookworms
The book gave me the word creek.

The other world I lived in as a kid

Together with my little brother I spent months, if not years, on the floor of our living room. Hundreds of little bricks and little men with holes in the soles of their feet were spread out around us. Together we created worlds we would want to live in.

My favourite toy was Lego. That’s probably why there are still heaps of boxes of Lego in my parents attic, waiting for me to finally grow up, get my own place and take them with me.

But I can’t grow up yet. I am still as much a dreamer as I was as a kid. And my dreams are big. Currently they’re happening at the other side of the world. Whenever I get bored I start making plans, browsing the internet for more cool things that this world has to offer.

I think the reason I like(d) Lego so much is that I like to create. I wasn’t building. I was creating. I was creating spaces and lives and with the little voices in my head. Like kids do. Now I’m creating my own life. But boy, what I’d give to be a kid again, even for an hour.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Toy story


I am staring.

I see eyes staring back at me.

They have an intense hatred.

They are disappointed.

They scare me.

They don’t stop looking.

A tear is starting to roll down from a corner.

A lip starts shaking.

A quick blink.

Then I see a fist coming towards my face.

I duck as pieces of glass shatter all over the floor.

The eyes stop staring.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: What a twist!

A hint of luxury

O the life of the backpacker. Living out of a backpack is about the least glamorous and luxurious thing you can do. Think about it. What would you pack? Tough choice. You  might want to take that nice dress, but is it practical? You really want some choice, but then realise you have to carry everything around with you. It’s all about sacrifices. You either sacrifice on a few luxuries, or on your travel comfort.

Most people pack way too much for their holidays. You always think you need every single item in your closet, but in reality you wear your top three favourite items during your entire trip. Packing becomes something totally different though when you are packing for a year, or maybe even several. Winter and summer. Leisure and business. Fancy and casual. Your Luggage is your life and it becomes a mix and match.

So when packing for a long term thing, think carefully about what you are intending to do and where you think you’ll go. A spaghetti top can work as beach dress, an extra layer in winter or your pyjamas. If you like some variation, take something old, so that you can replace it after a few weeks or months.

Every traveller should have a little luxury though. Something that just makes you happy. This backpacker for example, carries a little bottle of perfume for those moments when I want to feel special. The beautiful scent makes me feel fresh and attractive, even if I am wearing my old jeans. It might be silly and unnecessary, but even a traveller needs that little bit of luxury that makes the dorm room disappear and turns the local snack bar into fine dining.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: luxurious

Weekly writing challenge

Another superstar performed in daring clothing. News? Not really. But now it is a superstar that started out as the girl every little kid wanted to be. Suddenly it is a big topic which causes a lot of debate. I feel torn writing about this subject. See, I’m not sure I really want to add to the hype by writing more about it. Hasn’t she gotten enough attention already?

So let’s go back to the basics here. People grow. That’s a good thing. I’ve grown as a person and continue to do so. We are all just people. We go through phases. Some  we are proud of. Some not so much. Decisions made in the past, however, should not dictate the rest of your life. The beauty of the freedom we have is that we can be who we want to be. I don’t think anyone can decide who we are but ourselves.

Child superstars grow up and should be allowed to make their own decisions. If you play a certain part in a series or movie, that does not change you as a person. There’s this thing called freedom of expression. I can totally imagine you would not want to live as other people require you to do. All of us have to make choices and live with them. I’ve changed, my views and opinions changed, my lifestyle changed. Why would it have to be any different for a famous person.

If you are in the spotlight, everything gets amplified and magnified. Being famous, you don’t have the chance to explore your options or try new things without immediately being judged for it. I say, let people explore. Let people be what they want to be. You don’t have to agree with it. You just have to accept it. If what other people do is the highlight of our day these days, then maybe we should start by taking a good look at ourselves.