Good morning sunshine

I opened my eyes and felt a strange feeling of déja vu. What was this all about? As I opened the curtains I marvelled at the beautiful formation of the clouds. Wait a minute… I did the exact same thing yesterday. My housemates came down the stairs, wiping sleep from their eyes. Everything was eerily familiar.

I was confused. Freaked out I looked at the date on my phone. September first. Again. What the… ? I rushed through the day, trying to convince people about what was going on. They thought I was joking. Full of stress I went to bed. This was not the day I wanted to relive, but it was over now. All was well.

Well, until next morning. September first again and I went through the same routine. I tried to stay awake that night. Didn’t want to have a repetition again. I was ready to move on. Nothing worked. Everything I tried was in vain. I was about ready to give up when I looked in my diary. September first, I had a dentist appointment I forgot about.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Groundhog day.


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