Kids bits

Working with kids can be hilarious. No chairlift ride is ever the same. One day I am in between two 5 year-olds having a discussion about Starwars and the next day a kid is impressing another kid by burping the alphabet. So I’d like to share some of the things that made my day the last few weeks.

A boy comes from the toilet. I ask him if he likes skiing.
“And what are you going to do next?”
“We are going skiiing and we might look for unicorns.” says the boy.
Repressing a laugh I say: “oh, and where are they then?”
“They’re hiding. See, they are sleeping and we can’t wake them up.” the boys says with the most serious face.
Boy, that was one clever ski instructor.

On the chairlift I aks a girl if her instructor is cool.
“Yeah.” she says. Then she looks at me: “Does anyone think you are cool?”

We are on the big chairlift when I see footsteps in the snow and tell the 6 year-olds I am riding with about it. “They are really big.” I say.
“Yeah, wow! They must be from an ogre.” says one of the kids. The other one starts shaking her head actively in agreement.

The little kids are fascinated by the snow and the taste of it. No matter how brown or dirty it looks, while they’re skiing you see them scooping up bits of snow to lick off their gloves on the way donw. During lunch I see an 8 year-old pouring juice over his gloves. He wants to save some for later. It’ll make the snow taste even better.


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