A hint of luxury

O the life of the backpacker. Living out of a backpack is about the least glamorous and luxurious thing you can do. Think about it. What would you pack? Tough choice. You  might want to take that nice dress, but is it practical? You really want some choice, but then realise you have to carry everything around with you. It’s all about sacrifices. You either sacrifice on a few luxuries, or on your travel comfort.

Most people pack way too much for their holidays. You always think you need every single item in your closet, but in reality you wear your top three favourite items during your entire trip. Packing becomes something totally different though when you are packing for a year, or maybe even several. Winter and summer. Leisure and business. Fancy and casual. Your Luggage is your life and it becomes a mix and match.

So when packing for a long term thing, think carefully about what you are intending to do and where you think you’ll go. A spaghetti top can work as beach dress, an extra layer in winter or your pyjamas. If you like some variation, take something old, so that you can replace it after a few weeks or months.

Every traveller should have a little luxury though. Something that just makes you happy. This backpacker for example, carries a little bottle of perfume for those moments when I want to feel special. The beautiful scent makes me feel fresh and attractive, even if I am wearing my old jeans. It might be silly and unnecessary, but even a traveller needs that little bit of luxury that makes the dorm room disappear and turns the local snack bar into fine dining.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: luxurious


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