The other world I lived in as a kid

Together with my little brother I spent months, if not years, on the floor of our living room. Hundreds of little bricks and little men with holes in the soles of their feet were spread out around us. Together we created worlds we would want to live in.

My favourite toy was Lego. That’s probably why there are still heaps of boxes of Lego in my parents attic, waiting for me to finally grow up, get my own place and take them with me.

But I can’t grow up yet. I am still as much a dreamer as I was as a kid. And my dreams are big. Currently they’re happening at the other side of the world. Whenever I get bored I start making plans, browsing the internet for more cool things that this world has to offer.

I think the reason I like(d) Lego so much is that I like to create. I wasn’t building. I was creating. I was creating spaces and lives and with the little voices in my head. Like kids do. Now I’m creating my own life. But boy, what I’d give to be a kid again, even for an hour.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Toy story


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