Seeking adventure

We were in the middle of nowhere. It seemed fun when we were in the city. We just took a random map and dropped a coin on it. “That’s where we will go.” Marco said, “Shallow creek forest!” We had to fly to some long forgotten tiny airport and drove our cheap rental car to the national park. The road led deeper and deeper into nothingness. First through the fields and Farmland, then over plains of grass, until the forest grew denser and denser.

Had we really prepared for this trip? No. It was an adventure. We had a sense of ‘we will see what happens’ and ‘what kind of adventure is it if you know everything beforehand’. So we just had our cheap car filled with tents, gear, some water and some food. There were five of us and it was a bit crowded in the car. We were squished together with the gear in our laps. Daniella was getting irritated: “Are we there yet?”

Not wanting everyone to start complaining I hit the gas pedal a bit harder. The car flew forwards and caused an excited yelling and howling from my passengers. A while ago the road had turned into a bumpy track. Unfortunately I didn’t see the rock coming. With a loud bang the car stopped. We were all fine, but the rock was stuck underneath the car and had wrecked most it.

“Well this is an adventure!” Marco managed to scream. We didn’t think much of it. Surely someone would come by and help us out. So we walked for a little while, following the sound of water, until we found a spot to put up our tents. There was a perfect little patch right along the river.

“Cool! We’ll have water. We can go for a swim, cook with it. It’s perfect!” according to Ruby. And she excitedly kicked off her shoes and ran into the water to prove her point. So we set up camp and for the first few days we had a blast. Ryan even managed to catch some fish which we baked on our fire.

It was on our fifth night that our adventure started to turn around. I heard something in the middle of the night. Someone was there. Someone was in our camp. I didn’t know what to do so I woke up Ryan and Marco. Marco, tough guy as he was, decided to go out and have a look. Torch in his hand it didn’t take him long to find out who had intruded in our camp.

All we heard was his scream and his footsteps running away. Then there was a growl. Soon we were all outside our tents, even the girls. We only just saw the direction Marco was going in. It wasn’t him we saw though. It was a giant bear who had been feasting on our food. The last we saw of Marco was a hand reaching for a tree.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: Bookworms
The book gave me the word creek.


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