Travel freak out

So many plans. So many wishes. So many questions. So many places. Being a traveller isn’t easy. There is just too much to do! I am planning my next trip, which starts in two days actually. The first part is done. I am flying to Darwin, where I will stay for three nights until my organised tour starts. 6AM sharp I will be waiting for the group to embark on an adventure. Nine days of getting up at stupid o’clock, sleeping under the stars, hiking and bumping and shaking over the 4WD tracks of the rugged Kimberley. But then I arrive in Broome and the real question starts: how far can my money get me?

The budget is, just that: a tiny budget. As I don’t have a car I rely on finding others to travel with. Hopefully with a van or some camping equipment. Scrap those budgets found on the internet. Even in Australia you can live on a budget. Yes, a meal in a restaurant sets you back 20 dollars, but what about cooking? So I set my daily food budget on a generous 18 dollars a day. But really; I hope I don’t spend it.

From Broome I want to make my way to Perth to explore the city, and then eventually make my way back to Adelaide, where my boyfriend will be waiting for me. I plan on doing this in five weeks, but will I find people to travel with? Will they have the same plans and interests as I have? The ‘wills’ and ‘what ifs’ have taken over my mind. It’s a mystery and it freaks me out just a little. For a person who has always got things planned and prepared this is a true adventure.

So yes, I have a list. A true wish list this time. It includes all the things I’d like to do and see along these 5000 kilometers. It includes just as many question marks, for I do not know if my trip will take me there. So bring it on! A true Ozzie road trip. Off to adventure I go. Checking one  thing at a time. Best case scenario: thousands of photographs, dozens of new friends and a checklist with crossed-out words. Worst case scenario: thousands of photographs, dozens of new friends and an empty bank account. Well, such is life.


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