Upside down under

winterYou grow up knowing that seasons change. The year starts in winter when it’s cold, snowing, raining, and the wind doesn’t leave you alone. But slowly things start changing. It warms up, the birds start whisteling their tunes and mother nature shows her best colours. Later on, in July, everyone goes outside, the smell of barbecue is in the air. Summer has arrived. By the time our school holidays are over the most beautiful colours appear in the landscape; red, yellow, orange. And then by the time Christmas comes, we bring out the hot chocolate, because once again it is cold.

Then you start travelling and the seasons are upside down, if existing at all. All of a sudden you have a barbecue for Christmas dinner and you are skiing in July! Furthermore, the native trees don’t even change colour! Lost is the beauty of autumn. The further north you go, the more the season’s are messed up. Everything is reduced to this: the wet and the dry. Yesterday I was in South Australia where summer was trying to push away the winter cold. Today I am in the very North, where the 35 degrees sunshine makes me sweat and where people prepare for the heavy rains of the wet.

What exactly is a season? Winter here cannot be compared to winter at home in Europe. Winter in the south cannot even be compared to winter in the north. Seasons change as we travel, only to confuse us time after time. But I guess change is good. It’s the element of surprise. Wherever you travel, wherever you land, whatever you’ve read before you came, the seasons will amaze you.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Mid-Season Replacement


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