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Dreams of riches

O how I’ve often dreamed of this, discussed it with many people. And now I’ve finally hypothetically won so much; 1 billion dollars! I don’t even grasp how much that actually is, but I’ll attempt to make a to do list for all this money anyway.

1. Put most of it in the bank so I can generate a yearly income from my interest.
2. Fly to Perth, buy a super nice campervan and hit the road. First,  I’ll do a big road trip through the south of WA. After that, it’s off to Melbourne, via the Coorong NP, the Grampians NP and the great ocean road. Then we continue upwards along the south coast towards Sydney. I’ll visit a friend on the way in Berri NSW. After Sydney comes the epic trip up the east coast, all the way up. I”ll take my time until April, when my visa expires here.
3. It’ll be the perfect time to do a ski season in New Zealand. I hope I can make by boyfriend enthusiastic about skiing or boarding. After that I’ll take my time cruising the country in a campervan.
4. So some island hopping while I’m in this part of the world. Tassie in Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu. You name it. I’ll enjoy some luxury and try to reach the lesser known places.
5. Show my boyfriend my own country, The Netherlands.
6. Go to Canada for a ski season and another big road trip.
7. Buy all the dresses I want for the rest of my life.
8. Keep travelling the world and seeing new places.
9. Build a beautiful home, designed as we would like it.
10. Volunteer instead of work.
11. Go scuba diving more often.
12. Get a second home in a nice spot of the world.
13. Have no problems to invite family to a wedding anywhere in the world.
14. Go somewhere with my parents and brother.
15. Do a master degree abroad.
16. Ski in South America.
17. Use my free time to do lots of courses; photography, acting, beading, sports, dancing.
18. Being able to help friends out financially for the rest of my life.
19. Never work a shitty job again.
20. Hand out money on the streets and see how people react.
21. Road trip North America in an old Mustang.
22. Go on a cruise.
23. Go hunting for the northern lights again.
24. Visit friends all over the world.
25. Write a book about my adventure.

Ok, I could go on. I would know what to do in the immediate future, which is what I’d like to do anyway, but would get a lot easier. After that, there are so many dreams, but you can’t really plan your life. Things’ll change and that is good. Who knows, I might actually win the lottery one day, but right now I can’t afford to buy a ticket. I’m saving up to travel!

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: you’re a winner!


So the daily prompt asks: “You are the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet. Write the note that you leave to those who come after you.

Now what would I like to find if I were the next man to arrive on this planet? Here’s my note to the next guy.

I know you must be tired. I know I was. But look around you. The journey through space was worth it. You are now at a place only a few of us will see. Soak it up, take it in. Feel its magic. And if you’re getting a bit homesick, look into the box I left here. Good luck.

Days of bests

“Best day ever!” I’ve uttered these words quite a bit. Maybe my life is just amazing and awesome. Maybe we just take these words lightly. Today is not the best day ever. It is boxing day. I am alone. I feel the lack of sleep and a thumping headache. Merry Xmas to me.

The best day ever. There are many things I would like to do, but I don’t think they would all fit into one ‘best day ever’. So I hope I can have many more best day evers. I just gradually raise the bar so I can genuinely say it is the best day ever.

I’ll start with achieving something like majorly improving my skiing and doing another ski season abroad. The best day ever would be where I confidently race down a black slope with obstacles, my nose almost touching the powder.

Another best day ever would be the man I love asking me to share the rest of his life with him. This obviously happens in the most romantic and surprising way. I’m blown away and can’t believe my luck and we live happily ever after.

Then eventually my best day ever would be retiring, still with the man I love. Even though I’ve travelled heaps during my working life, together we make the decision to travel the world and live our dream. Now that’s a best day ever.

Obviously there is no point to planning your best day ever. Best day evers are best enjoyed when they come as a surprise. That’s why I just let you enjoy a few of my best day evers. Next time I’ll cry out “this is the best day ever!” I’ll let you know.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: The Best Day Ever

Fleovac, a new future

Welcome, thank you for your interest in the planet Fleovac. Fleovac is a spacious planet filled with flora and fauna that will amaze even the adventurous. Imagine big purple lakes surrounded by a lush forest inhabited by flying lizard-like creatures and furry tree climbers. Fleovac’s cities are designed as spacious places that are easy to move around. A state of the art transport system will take you everywhere you need to go. There is plenty of entertainment present to make your new life an enjoyable one.

Pack well, because the Fleovac’s seasons might be slightly different from what you are used to. In winter, Fleovac turns white. A proper layer of snow will ensure you have a white Christmas and can ski, snowboard or make snowmen for 4 months. Due to the solar system around Fleovac, the year is divided into 10 months. Winter quickly turns into summer when the temperatures rise to around 35 degrees. Not just one, but two suns will make your summer a pleasant one.

With the technology brought from earth, we can make sure Fleovac stays the pure pristine planet it is. No more pollution, no overcrowded cities and the health problems that come with it. Fleovac has a modern society that cares about you. It is ruled by a team of experts on different field in a democratic system. Your opinions matters to us and together we want to make Fleovac a home for you, a home that can only get better!

King of asshole-land

Some people just know how to do it. They seem to know exactly how they can diminish you to a tiny little person. A dot in a wide field. A nobody surrounded by your own emotions. Some people take it so far that anything they do just makes you mad with anger.

During my first year in Australia I had to do 3 months of farm work to extend my stay by another year. Time was of an issue, so I was very happy, although nervous, that I’d found a farm that could take me in for the whole period. Little did I know I was right to be nervous. Continue reading King of asshole-land

The lovely evening has arrived

It is hard to explain my favourite holiday, as it is a typically Dutch one. Sinterklaas is a family event but the most fun as a kid. Yes, I know there are many similarities with Santa, but it is our own Dutch holiday and is very distinct indeed.

Sinterklaas officially starts when Sinterklaas enters the country. Although the candy is in the shops from about August, Sinterklaas doesn’t come until November. He arrivés together with his Pieten on the steamboat. Kids from all over the country are waiting at the harbour to welcome the Sint with his black Pieten. Black, because they are the ones delivering the sweets and presents to your home. They climb through the chimney while Sinterklaas waits on his horse on the roof.

The festivities come with songs to tell Sinterklaas how happy you are that he’s arrived. Furthermore there is a whole set of rules and expectations. Sinterklaas doesn’t just bring you good. If you’ve been a naughty boy or girl, he will  take you back to Spain (where he is from) in the big bag that carried the presents for all the other boys and girls. He has a big book that tells him exactly what you’ve been up to.

In the period before Pakjesavond, the night you’ll get all your big presents, on the 5th of December, you can set your shoe near the fire-place. You put in a carrot for the Sinterklaas’ horse and during the night Sinterklaas will come and put something small in your shoe. Sometimes when you are singing songs for Sinterklaas, black Piet will come and throw some special candy in the room. Kids dive towards the sweets and collect all they can find.

According to my Kiwi boyfriend, the candy all tastes like gingerbread. He really can’t resist it. Sinterklaas is a holiday I hope to celebrate with my kids one day. Currently there is a debate within the European Union about black Piet. It is said to be racist. This claim is very upsetting to the Dutch. It is a festival we all take seriously, and nobody can take it away from us. No kid has ever become a racist from celebrating Sinterklaas and we mean nobody any harm. It is a tradition we simply cannot live without.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: Memories of holidays past



To tattoo or not to tattoo

We live in a world where it seems important to us to express ourselves and added to that, be original while we do so. Media make us think we cannot wear the same clothes twice, we have to keep up with fashion, and adhere to a certain style image which is considered beautiful. Within this image you’ve got all the freedom to design your own self. No wonder we are faced by many dilemma’s in our personal choices.

A tattoo is one way to set yourself apart from others, or even from what is considered fashion. Where I’m from, having a tattoo is the exception. Showing a tattoo in the workspace is in many places still not done. However, here, on the other side of the world I seem to be unique by not having any. The Australian culture has embraced tattoos. It is not uncommon to see a heavily tattood business man in a fancy suit. Tattoos are not just for the alternative people anymore.

No matter what you paint on your body, it is a permanent thing. Unfortunately I have seen too many cases where in my opinon someone has made a big mistake. Tattoos don’t suit everybody. That said, there are people wandering the streets who are covered in them and look so sexy and confident that it almost makes you think if maybe you should get one too. But I think I’m going to stay original by not having one. For now I’ll express myself in other ways. But who knows what the future will bring.

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My place is your place

You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

Summer already has too many festivals and festivities, so my day is in February. It is a day in which we invite warmth into our houses by inviting people into our homes. Children decorate the windows with paint to celebrate the beauty of winter. There is hot chocolate all around. In the morning we bake cookies, which we can all enjoy together.

In the afternoon people go out to other people’s houses. It is like a pub crawl, but into the homes of the people. There are bands playing, crafts workshops, little shops and garage sales. It is a day in which you can meet your neighbours, not just the ones next door. Everyone contributes, whether it’s by opening your house or organising the events.

The day ends when evening falls, with a sugar and cinnamon pancake. Or two. We are all back in our own houses and can look back on a wonderful day.

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But I want…

As a kid I always wanted Barbie stuff. I’d received a big  box with second-hand Barbies from my neighbour who was getting a bit too old for it. So I got a big homemade Barbie house and a horse trailer. I was the happiest kid ever.

But then I wanted more. I didn’t get more. You see, I didn’t actually play with them that much. I was more into Lego, building things and pretending I owned whatever it was I’d built. The Barbies were just for prestige. Every girl wanted them. So, so did I. I think kids that came over to play with them actually had more fun than I did.

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