The invisible shopper

As a kid you put your hands in front of your eyes and the world is gone. If the world is gone to you, you must be gone to the world. At least, that’s what a child’s logic says. I wish it was true. I close my eyes to something and it just doesn’t exist anymore. Sometimes I wish I could just hold my hands in front of my eyes to disappear.

You know that moment. You are in the shopping center and then you spot her. That one person you really don’t want to talk to. Quickly you try to swivel your shopping cart around to hide in the next aisle. Only for her to catch you in the aisle with the baby products, intensely staring at the different diapers. Next you find yourself explaining that no, you are not pregnant and you just have a strange interest in baby products.

A super power would be could, if only to avoid the awkward moments in live. At such moments I wish I could put my hands in front of my eyes and sincerely wish I wasn’t there. The other person would walk straight past and after a safe distance has been created, you remove your hands and resume your shopping. Superwoman in action.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt Now you see me.

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