One pill a day…

The daily prompt asked bloggers the following question: If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Now my question is: would anyone? Is anyone these days just eating for nutrition?

The days that we have to hunt and gather our food are long gone. All the hunting I do is looking for bargains or good restaurants. All that gathering consists of is putting items in my shopping basket, either in the supermarket or online.

Like many people I enjoy food. Just yesterday I ate a piece of baklava, a treat I hadn’t had in a while. O, the joy it gave me. Furthermore I enjoy preparing food. I enjoy trying new recipes or baking and creating my own cake. I even enjoy going to the supermarket or the markets, browsing the aisles and slowly putting together this week’s menu.

Imagine getting up in the morning. No need for those cereals and that cup of tea. That moment of rest before starting your busy day is taken. During your lunch break you could go for a smoke or a walk, but that nice ham sandwich you see your colleague eating is not for you. You just pop your daily pill. In the evening you’re missing out on the lovely smell of dinner being served. No more pasta, no more pancake, no more pie, no more fish & chips, no more… should I continue?

All that you’d have left is the agony of watching other people eat the things you used to love. Imagine bringing your date to a lovely little restaurant. There are candles on the table and a soft music is barely noticeable in the background. It is the perfect night for you to propose. The waiter brings you your individual pill boxes. And then, when she opens it, there it is. A lovely wedding ring and you get down on your knees.

The world would change with pills and to me not in a good way. This is one more pill I’d like to stay away from. Girls, a life without chocolate. Now what is that actually worth?


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