To tattoo or not to tattoo

We live in a world where it seems important to us to express ourselves and added to that, be original while we do so. Media make us think we cannot wear the same clothes twice, we have to keep up with fashion, and adhere to a certain style image which is considered beautiful. Within this image you’ve got all the freedom to design your own self. No wonder we are faced by many dilemma’s in our personal choices.

A tattoo is one way to set yourself apart from others, or even from what is considered fashion. Where I’m from, having a tattoo is the exception. Showing a tattoo in the workspace is in many places still not done. However, here, on the other side of the world I seem to be unique by not having any. The Australian culture has embraced tattoos. It is not uncommon to see a heavily tattood business man in a fancy suit. Tattoos are not just for the alternative people anymore.

No matter what you paint on your body, it is a permanent thing. Unfortunately I have seen too many cases where in my opinon someone has made a big mistake. Tattoos don’t suit everybody. That said, there are people wandering the streets who are covered in them and look so sexy and confident that it almost makes you think if maybe you should get one too. But I think I’m going to stay original by not having one. For now I’ll express myself in other ways. But who knows what the future will bring.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt.


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