Dreams of riches

O how I’ve often dreamed of this, discussed it with many people. And now I’ve finally hypothetically won so much; 1 billion dollars! I don’t even grasp how much that actually is, but I’ll attempt to make a to do list for all this money anyway.

1. Put most of it in the bank so I can generate a yearly income from my interest.
2. Fly to Perth, buy a super nice campervan and hit the road. First,  I’ll do a big road trip through the south of WA. After that, it’s off to Melbourne, via the Coorong NP, the Grampians NP and the great ocean road. Then we continue upwards along the south coast towards Sydney. I’ll visit a friend on the way in Berri NSW. After Sydney comes the epic trip up the east coast, all the way up. I”ll take my time until April, when my visa expires here.
3. It’ll be the perfect time to do a ski season in New Zealand. I hope I can make by boyfriend enthusiastic about skiing or boarding. After that I’ll take my time cruising the country in a campervan.
4. So some island hopping while I’m in this part of the world. Tassie in Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Tuvalu. You name it. I’ll enjoy some luxury and try to reach the lesser known places.
5. Show my boyfriend my own country, The Netherlands.
6. Go to Canada for a ski season and another big road trip.
7. Buy all the dresses I want for the rest of my life.
8. Keep travelling the world and seeing new places.
9. Build a beautiful home, designed as we would like it.
10. Volunteer instead of work.
11. Go scuba diving more often.
12. Get a second home in a nice spot of the world.
13. Have no problems to invite family to a wedding anywhere in the world.
14. Go somewhere with my parents and brother.
15. Do a master degree abroad.
16. Ski in South America.
17. Use my free time to do lots of courses; photography, acting, beading, sports, dancing.
18. Being able to help friends out financially for the rest of my life.
19. Never work a shitty job again.
20. Hand out money on the streets and see how people react.
21. Road trip North America in an old Mustang.
22. Go on a cruise.
23. Go hunting for the northern lights again.
24. Visit friends all over the world.
25. Write a book about my adventure.

Ok, I could go on. I would know what to do in the immediate future, which is what I’d like to do anyway, but would get a lot easier. After that, there are so many dreams, but you can’t really plan your life. Things’ll change and that is good. Who knows, I might actually win the lottery one day, but right now I can’t afford to buy a ticket. I’m saving up to travel!

This post is inspired by the daily prompt: you’re a winner!

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