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Back in action

All beginning is hard. So is picking up exercise. I’ve done it often and I’ve done it again. After a hour-long class full of squatting, weights and jumping I felt my poor legs had trouble walking down the stairs. Mind you, I hadn’t done anything like this in the past two years. I’ve been travelling and that contains the occasionally hike or skiing trip, but nothing like a regular exercise program.

So the day after I felt like my muscles had turned into stone and today, two days after, they haven’t recovered yet. My mind wanted to join another class, but my legs disobeyed and didn’t want to bend when I wanted to get out of bed. Instead of a class, I went for a swim.

When I entered the pool, there were a few old people in it. One man was sitting on a floating, rubber spaghetti and did nothing else. Another man was standing in the corner and moved to a different corner every now and then. A woman was basically doing the same. Another man swam a lap or two and then joined the conversation in the corner.

To them the pool was more of a community hall instead of an exercise room. I tried to swim laps, but the talkative seniors kept asking me questions and including me in their conversation. Eventually I got half an hour of swimming in and then brought my stone legs home. In The Netherlands they complain about ‘hangjongeren’, kids that just hang around on squares or in the streets. In the gym I encountered the senior equivalent of this. There’s a generation gap for you.

The big one-eighty

Last week I decided I needed change. I am a hopper at heart, whether it’s for a job, a place or a hobby. I can be loyal to things and people I like, but I need new interests every few weeks to keep myself happy and entertained. I’ve been travelling, moving from place to place for a while now. Suddenly I find myself in Adelaide with my boyfriend. I want to stay here, get to know him better and see if we have a future, but can my spirit handle this?

After two months here, I am getting more than restless. An unhappy feeling overcomes me. Is this it? Is this what life is? I have a crappy job with not enough hours and my energy is being drained. I feel like I am chained to my house and a sense of loneliness overcomes me. I am not ready to settle for average. I’m in a rut and my ship is sinking.

Last week I realised I needed a change. So that’s when I became more proactive in improving my life. I need to know that I can stick it out here until April and maybe even be slightly happy with it. I started my application process for my new visa. In April this country will kick me out and I need somewhere else to go. So I applied for New Zealand and have done all the medical stuff for it. My application is in the hands of the Auckland office now. There is nothing I can change anymore.

Today I went to the gym. I signed up and can start tomorrow. Not exercising is giving me headaches and my energy levels are lower than ever. I need a kick-start for the coming weeks. Summer is here. I want to go out and do things. The beach is waiting. I’ve found some projects to keep me entertained. I am working on a TEFL course, picked up a new knitting project and have dived deeper into the world of blogging.

I hope I’ve reached my turning point. That this will be the day things change for the better. After feeling like I’ve only been in this town for a man, I’m picking up my own life again. I need a purpose. I need to learn. I need new experiences. Now’s as good a time as ever. So stand up straight, claim your energy back and be a better person. Life is waiting for you. New projects are always there, you just have to claim them.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: Obstacle course

O crystal ball, crystal ball

As I look into my crystal ball I see good things coming my way. Today I went for an Xray to support my visa application, so it is good to see that the crystal ball puts me in New Zealand in July. I see white. Lots of white. I must be in Wanaka, skiing as much as I can. I am working for one of the resorts. I live in a crazy house with some crazy housemates. My accent has become slightly kiwi and I order fush now instead of fish. I am totally loving life. My skiing has improved yet again and wait… is that a park I see over there? July means new place, new challenges. Bring it on!

tough choices

From out of nowhere a hand appears. Before I know it a cloth is pressed onto my mouth and I am struggling to… I am out. I have no clue what time it is when I wake up, confused. Am I on a plane? A head turns around and a distorted voice asks me: “Island, unknown forest or strange building?”

Is this a joke? Is my life going to depend on a random set of words and the choices I make? “Uhh…” I stammer. My mind goes into super speed mode.  Island, is that where I am going? What alone? Will it be deserted? Brittain is an Island. We are on a plane. I can’t pick unknown forest. I’ve been to the jungle. Dark and freaky. And what is a strange building? Does it look funny? Is it haunted? Will it be locked? Is it tiny or rather big? What kind of choice is this? Why am I making this choice?

“Come on, what is it?” the big muscular brute shouts at me, “Island, unknown forest or strange building?” I don’t know what to say. I am in total shock and panicked I yell: “Island, Island, Island!” Is this the right answer? The brute says nothing. A little later we descend. I am kicked out of the plane and it takes off again. I look around me. I am on a beach. A little further I see an unknown forest. There is a strange-looking building on the side.

Inspired by today’s daily prompt: Captive’s choice

Positively in denial

It’s waaaay too early in the morning, probably before 5, but I am reluctant to open my eyes. You see, I don’t have to get up yet at all. It’s the alarm clock of my partner that is annoying me with its loud beep. After eleven beeps I hear my boyfriend turning and moaning. Then he hits te snooze button.

I don’t understand snoozing. Why do people do it? What’s the point in being woken up half an hour before you actually have to get out of bed? If I have to get up at 7, my alarm will ring at 7 and I will get out of bed. Simple as that. What’s the point of fooling yourself by having your alarm scream at you every 5 minutes in the time before you have to get up. Surely this doesn’t give you any extra time to rest. It’s just denial.

Anyway, the alarm has gone off for too many times and I am as much in denial as the boyfriend. He doesn’t want to get up and I am in denial about the alarm, pretending not to hear it. Pretending I can easily fall back asleep again, but I know I can’t. Every morning it’s the same routine. Too much alarm, too little sleep.

So the first face I see in the morning is the grumpy face of a person in denial. I do not want to get out of bed. After nudging him a few times and giving him a hug his eyes open slightly. It takes 35 minutes of snoozing before he realizes he really has to get up now. I launch myself to the middle of the bed, hugging my pillow. I am staying in denial, I will get my sleep in.

My post was inspired by the daily prompt.

Floaty 100, a way to the universe

In a galaxy far away a highly sophisticated people are venturing into space further than anyone in this universe has ever ventured. Us gods always thought it would be the Martians from Mars, the Erians from Eria, or perhaps even the human folk from Earth if they’d put their minds to it. Well, that has yet to happen. But we were very surprised to hear the Oxodites from Ox had finally managed to create a spacecraft worthy of exploring beyond galaxies and stars.

With a slick design the Floaty 100 is capable of reaching speeds far beyond any of the other peoples’. What the Oxodites call ‘fast power’ has brought them across galaxy borders in a search to expand their planetary wisdom of life. Recently the Floaty 100 has landed on planet Earth and the Oxodites seemed fascinated with the daily occupations of its people.

The hunger for knowledge of the Oxodites causes them to look for other planets so the race is on to find Earth 2. So far no changes has been made to any planets and the people of Earth are unaware that they’re being observed and researched. After the destruction of Zerion by way of introduced specimens of flora and fauna the Oxodites have become careful and intend to study by observation in the foreseeable future.

This story was inspired by the daily prompt: Ripped from the headlines, with the headline ‘Race is on to find Earth 2’

Work that magic

As a kid I was asked why I kept doing magic. I wasn’t some sort of sorcerer, but it had everything to do with a little habit I picked up at an early age. You see my habit is shaking my hands and wiggling my fingers.

Yes, it is strange. Yes, I am sure it is some sort of OCD. But it is my strange little habit. It’s like I am shaking something off my hands. If typing doesn’t feel good, I shake it off or wiggle m fingers until they feel alright.

I have no clue why I do this, but I seem to do it with my toes in a lesser amount too. As a kid I used to put my big toe across the other toes. So much so that it has grown the wrong way. Nothing freaky or anything, but if you pay attention you can see it.

I wish I was more magical. That would be way cooler than just wiggling your fingers, but I’m afraid that’s all there is to it. So now I wiggle my fingers once more. Habits, I guess they make us who we are.

Check out the daily prompt: quirk of habit.

Activate warp speed

When listening to a playlist, sometimes you just can’t seem to help pressing the next button halfway through a song. Some people can’t even listen to one whole song and keep skipping things all the time. It irritates me. I must admit that occasionally I do this too, but it’s the exception and not the rule.

Sometimes I wish time had similar features. Wouldn’t it be nice to fast forward that awkward conversation or that tedious meeting? But then again, those moments build us and make us who we are. Although my past isn’t all happiness and sunshine, I wouldn’t change it. This makes me think, if ever the fast forward button for life is invented, would I even want to use it?

At the moment I would just fast forward to the point where I’ll have saved enough money to do something fun again. When life just consists of eating, working and sleeping and not much else, it’s just not worth it. To me it has become a drag. Time to snap out of it. So I started saving. Unfortunately that will take a while, so I might just press that button.

But then only with the guarantee that things wouldn’t have changed too much. If you skip time and wake up a few months from now, would that mean that you don’t know what has happened in between? And what about the people you care about? What if you woke up and they weren’t there anymore? Maybe I’ll leave the fast forward button to the early adopters. I’ll find my time to use it, but it’s not just yet.

The daily prompt inspired my to write this post. Check out Fast Forward!

Style crisis

I started working in a chicken shop.
I started working in a chicken shop and every night I smell like a frying pan.
Every night I smell like a frying pan so I take my showers at night.
I take my showers at night and just tie my hair back the next morning.
I tie my hair back in the morning because I will see the chicken shop again at night.
I have to go to that chicken shop again in my greasy, dirty, black shirt.
In my greasy, dirty, black shirt, my hair tied back, my style has gone down drastically.
I blame the chickens.

This post is inspired by the daily prompt Style Icon.


When truth is not enough

Telling the truth is a big thing these days. Nobody wants to be lied to right? Or is it only for the better to be lied to occasionally?

Think of a situation. What would you like to happen? There are the obvious ones like a boyfriend who’s cheating on you and dares to deny it. There are girlfriends lying about why they can’t make it to your party. In these situations I’d like people to be straight with me. Have the balls to say that and why you are hurting me.

However there are situations where I lie and prefer being lied to. If we would always say the truth it would cause a lot of awkward conversation. These days a lot of countries have the stupid ritual to ask people how they are doing. You are never meant to say how you are actually feeling. Nobody wants to hear your problems. So you lie. I’m great! Really!

Then there are the situations where sometimes you want a straight answer and sometimes you’d rather that someone keeps their opinions to themselves. I name the subject clothing. When shopping I want to get an honest opinion. If something is hideous I’d rather know about it straight away. However, if I’ve already purchased something, totally love it, know it suits me, but that it might not be other people’s style, keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t make me feel awkward.

You might lie to protect your friends or family and not to worry them with your own tiny problems when they have plenty of their own. Lying is part of life. It is up to you own discretion in what amount you do it. Wrong or right is up for discussion.

This post is inspired by todays daily prompt: Truth or Dare