The dream of reality

I woke up and found a note next to my bed. It said ‘don’t bother, you’re invisible. They won’t see you’. What kind of joke was this? So got up, into the shower, brushed my teeth and eventually made my way out. At work nobody said anything to me. Next I hear people talking about me.

I shoot off to the bathroom but I am there. My reflection is in the mirror. I’m there. I decide to talk to my secretary. She looks bored and dreamy. When she hears her name her head pops up. She’s looking around her. No matter what I do she doesn’t see me. Then I see her running off, not knowing whether she heard her name or not.

I go into the office and suddenly I am greeted by a colleague. I feel like I’m losing my mind. This man can see me? In a shop I am standing in line at the cash register, but people keep cutting in line. I get mad but nobody hears me. Then I dash off, newspaper still in my hand, but nobody cares. They don’t see me?

Frustrated I crash in bed that night. In my dreams I am giving a speech. People stare at me in awe. They listen to my every word and nothing can distract them. The next day I wake up and look in my planner; 3PM presentation. I am confused and think of my dream. Wait. Which one was my dream?


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