When truth is not enough

Telling the truth is a big thing these days. Nobody wants to be lied to right? Or is it only for the better to be lied to occasionally?

Think of a situation. What would you like to happen? There are the obvious ones like a boyfriend who’s cheating on you and dares to deny it. There are girlfriends lying about why they can’t make it to your party. In these situations I’d like people to be straight with me. Have the balls to say that and why you are hurting me.

However there are situations where I lie and prefer being lied to. If we would always say the truth it would cause a lot of awkward conversation. These days a lot of countries have the stupid ritual to ask people how they are doing. You are never meant to say how you are actually feeling. Nobody wants to hear your problems. So you lie. I’m great! Really!

Then there are the situations where sometimes you want a straight answer and sometimes you’d rather that someone keeps their opinions to themselves. I name the subject clothing. When shopping I want to get an honest opinion. If something is hideous I’d rather know about it straight away. However, if I’ve already purchased something, totally love it, know it suits me, but that it might not be other people’s style, keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t make me feel awkward.

You might lie to protect your friends or family and not to worry them with your own tiny problems when they have plenty of their own. Lying is part of life. It is up to you own discretion in what amount you do it. Wrong or right is up for discussion.

This post is inspired by todays daily prompt: Truth or Dare



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