Floaty 100, a way to the universe

In a galaxy far away a highly sophisticated people are venturing into space further than anyone in this universe has ever ventured. Us gods always thought it would be the Martians from Mars, the Erians from Eria, or perhaps even the human folk from Earth if they’d put their minds to it. Well, that has yet to happen. But we were very surprised to hear the Oxodites from Ox had finally managed to create a spacecraft worthy of exploring beyond galaxies and stars.

With a slick design the Floaty 100 is capable of reaching speeds far beyond any of the other peoples’. What the Oxodites call ‘fast power’ has brought them across galaxy borders in a search to expand their planetary wisdom of life. Recently the Floaty 100 has landed on planet Earth and the Oxodites seemed fascinated with the daily occupations of its people.

The hunger for knowledge of the Oxodites causes them to look for other planets so the race is on to find Earth 2. So far no changes has been made to any planets and the people of Earth are unaware that they’re being observed and researched. After the destruction of Zerion by way of introduced specimens of flora and fauna the Oxodites have become careful and intend to study by observation in the foreseeable future.

This story was inspired by the daily prompt: Ripped from the headlines, with the headline ‘Race is on to find Earth 2’


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