Positively in denial

It’s waaaay too early in the morning, probably before 5, but I am reluctant to open my eyes. You see, I don’t have to get up yet at all. It’s the alarm clock of my partner that is annoying me with its loud beep. After eleven beeps I hear my boyfriend turning and moaning. Then he hits te snooze button.

I don’t understand snoozing. Why do people do it? What’s the point in being woken up half an hour before you actually have to get out of bed? If I have to get up at 7, my alarm will ring at 7 and I will get out of bed. Simple as that. What’s the point of fooling yourself by having your alarm scream at you every 5 minutes in the time before you have to get up. Surely this doesn’t give you any extra time to rest. It’s just denial.

Anyway, the alarm has gone off for too many times and I am as much in denial as the boyfriend. He doesn’t want to get up and I am in denial about the alarm, pretending not to hear it. Pretending I can easily fall back asleep again, but I know I can’t. Every morning it’s the same routine. Too much alarm, too little sleep.

So the first face I see in the morning is the grumpy face of a person in denial. I do not want to get out of bed. After nudging him a few times and giving him a hug his eyes open slightly. It takes 35 minutes of snoozing before he realizes he really has to get up now. I launch myself to the middle of the bed, hugging my pillow. I am staying in denial, I will get my sleep in.

My post was inspired by the daily prompt.


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