tough choices

From out of nowhere a hand appears. Before I know it a cloth is pressed onto my mouth and I am struggling to… I am out. I have no clue what time it is when I wake up, confused. Am I on a plane? A head turns around and a distorted voice asks me: “Island, unknown forest or strange building?”

Is this a joke? Is my life going to depend on a random set of words and the choices I make? “Uhh…” I stammer. My mind goes into super speed mode.  Island, is that where I am going? What alone? Will it be deserted? Brittain is an Island. We are on a plane. I can’t pick unknown forest. I’ve been to the jungle. Dark and freaky. And what is a strange building? Does it look funny? Is it haunted? Will it be locked? Is it tiny or rather big? What kind of choice is this? Why am I making this choice?

“Come on, what is it?” the big muscular brute shouts at me, “Island, unknown forest or strange building?” I don’t know what to say. I am in total shock and panicked I yell: “Island, Island, Island!” Is this the right answer? The brute says nothing. A little later we descend. I am kicked out of the plane and it takes off again. I look around me. I am on a beach. A little further I see an unknown forest. There is a strange-looking building on the side.

Inspired by today’s daily prompt: Captive’s choice


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