The big one-eighty

Last week I decided I needed change. I am a hopper at heart, whether it’s for a job, a place or a hobby. I can be loyal to things and people I like, but I need new interests every few weeks to keep myself happy and entertained. I’ve been travelling, moving from place to place for a while now. Suddenly I find myself in Adelaide with my boyfriend. I want to stay here, get to know him better and see if we have a future, but can my spirit handle this?

After two months here, I am getting more than restless. An unhappy feeling overcomes me. Is this it? Is this what life is? I have a crappy job with not enough hours and my energy is being drained. I feel like I am chained to my house and a sense of loneliness overcomes me. I am not ready to settle for average. I’m in a rut and my ship is sinking.

Last week I realised I needed a change. So that’s when I became more proactive in improving my life. I need to know that I can stick it out here until April and maybe even be slightly happy with it. I started my application process for my new visa. In April this country will kick me out and I need somewhere else to go. So I applied for New Zealand and have done all the medical stuff for it. My application is in the hands of the Auckland office now. There is nothing I can change anymore.

Today I went to the gym. I signed up and can start tomorrow. Not exercising is giving me headaches and my energy levels are lower than ever. I need a kick-start for the coming weeks. Summer is here. I want to go out and do things. The beach is waiting. I’ve found some projects to keep me entertained. I am working on a TEFL course, picked up a new knitting project and have dived deeper into the world of blogging.

I hope I’ve reached my turning point. That this will be the day things change for the better. After feeling like I’ve only been in this town for a man, I’m picking up my own life again. I need a purpose. I need to learn. I need new experiences. Now’s as good a time as ever. So stand up straight, claim your energy back and be a better person. Life is waiting for you. New projects are always there, you just have to claim them.

This post was inspired by the daily prompt: Obstacle course


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