Wait, I’ll hop over

Travel and living abroad is fun, but being away from  your family and friends can at times be sad. You read about an upcoming event on Facebook, write a birthday card or hear about their daily events on Skype. Every time you realise that you are not there for things. It also work the other way around. I see things, experience things, hear things, smell things that I’d like to share. I can share photos, but it just isn’t the same.

If only there was a machine like a teleporter. I’d like to be able to get a piece of birthday cake via Skype. Can I put that on the list of Skype improvements? This would be the first step. Later I’d like to add the function of making a live appearance yourself. I don’t care if I would need a portkey or floo powder like in Harry Potter, as long as it’s invented. Sooner rather than later. Imagine the possibilities!

My inspiration comes from skyping and the daily prompt: World’s best widget!


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