Genie in a keyboard?

I rub my mouse pad and the daily ghost comes out. What?This is not nearly what a ghost should look like.

“You’re wish is my command.”


“Make a wish!”

“Huh…” My quizzical look isn’t enough for this guy?

He sighs, obviously annoyed he has to explain this riddle again. “I am the daily ghost, ghost of the digital age. I can grant you three wishes. What is your first wish?”

“What!” I exclaim again, to which the ghost gets agitated: “Stop with the what already!”

No time to think. What do I want?

“I want a voucher for a trip to New Zealand of which I can personally create the itinerary.”

Pling. I get an email saying I’ve won some competition. They’d like me to confirm my trip date. Wow!

“I want a job in a ski resort in New Zealand for the coming winter.”

The familiar pling again. Congratulations to me, I made it through the selection process. I don’t even remember entering that. If I can be there on the 15th of June. Sure!

One more wish. What will it be?

“I wish I had a brand new Canon 700D, but that’s too much to ask isn’t it?” I don’t think this one can come via email.

Pling. I must have been wrong. It’s an order confirmation. What a day!

This one’s inspired by the daily prompt: Lucky star.


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